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Ep. 54 | How to package, promote, and profit with your online business with Amanda Accioly

Today's episode is with Amanda Accioly, a business strategist that knows exactly what she's talking about. She does so with no fluff, no blah blah blah, just straight to the point. She is perfect for those of us who have no time for small talk and just want the nitty gritty and to get to work. I have to be honest, I did an intensive call recently with Amanda and I'll just say, she now uses my praises in her marketing. LOL. She is a freaking champion!!

So today, I actually get to chat with her about all things online business. Let's dive in!

Amanda Accioly is a recovering corporate woman who left her career in finance to launch her own business. She now resides in Florida with her husband and two children. From administration, to operations, to conquering sales, it is her extensive experience that helped her create a blueprint for success. She now partners with female entrepreneurs to help them package their genius so they can grow and scale their business and live a life of freedom.

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