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Ep. 69 | How to Leave a Toxic Relationship & Thrive with April Tribe Giauque

On today's episode, my new friend April Tribe Giauque is telling us her story of marital abuse and how she escaped with her 5 beautiful children and has gone on to help others escape as well.

April is a podcaster, author, empowerment speaker, and now, remarried mother of 9! Listen in as she helps us navigate our role in rescuing victims of domestic abuse, what you should be looking for when dating to hopefully prevent becoming a victim, and how to build a network of the right people in order to leave a toxic situation.

Recording this episode with April was emotional as I've left my own abusive relationship and it brought back many, many memories, some of which we discuss here today.

So, buckle up bc it's a bumpy ride, but spoiler alert - it ends up very well!

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