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Ep. 67 | How to intentionally reach for more in life and biz with Danielle Throckmorton

Welcome back friends!!! Today you're listening to episode number 67.

I am delighted to bring you today's episode with my fellow Hollis tribe member - a lot of the incredible women I've had on this podcast I met through Rachel Hollis and her work so it's always fun to have these super driven women on the show. Today I've got Danielle Throckmorton, event planner and health and transformation coach here and we're discussing how you can intentionally reach for more in your life, biz, health, finances, all the things! We talk about how the heck she planned a women's retreat in the middle of a pandemic and a whole lot more, so get your ears and your hearts ready because you're going to be so on fire to overcome ANY obstacle after this episode. WOO!

Let's dive in!

Danielle Throckmorton, Is a health and transformation coach, 6x award-winning independent business owner, and founder of Reach Retreat, a luxury retreat for women seeking a life of intention both personally and in their business or career.

Through her passion for events, health, and coaching, she is on a mission to help women discover what they truly desire in their life and provide them with the support and resources they need to live it out.

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