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Ep. 40 | How to build your dream life with the money you already have with Jessica Kleine

Hey friends welcome back to the live with audacity podcast. You're listening to episode 40! Holy cow! I can't believe we've made it 40 whole episodes! HAHA

If you're not in my facebook group, you need to get there right away! I have started hosting an awesome life and biz masterclass each week on Tuesday afternoon where I have some of my friends and fellow business owners jump in the group to teach us using their expertise!

In fact, today's guest was my expert guest last week!

Today, I get to speak with Jessica Kleine, Money and Mindset coach, about paying off debt, finance, and how it all affects your dream life and how you get there and how quickly!

Let's dive in. Jessica Kleine is a money + mindset coach and the Founder of MindSET Financial Coaching. As a stay-at-home mom with over 20 years in direct sales and network marketing, she's learned a thing or two about how those businesses work - and don't work. After getting fed up with the paycheck-to-paycheck life of a single-income-with-a-side-gig household, she learned how to manage the money for both home and business in such a way that allowed her family to become debt-free (except the house), take a dream family vacation to Universal Studios using cash, and fund a solid savings accounts to eliminate money stress. She started helping friends with their own budgets and money goals, never thinking it would someday turn into a business. Now, when she’s not coaching other MomBosses with their money and mindset issues, she’s spending time with her family, homeschooling her girls, or drinking wine. You can follow her on social media as The MomBoss Money Coach.

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