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Ep. 17 | Why niching down your business is the ultimate key to your success with Kat McLead

Hey friends! Welcome back to the Live with Audacity podcast. You're listening to episode number 17.

Ok so let's chat today's episode. Kat McLead is my guest and together we talk about niching down your business in order to increase profits. Kat tells us her wild story about how she realized niching down was the ultimate key to her success.

Kat Mclead is the creator of the Stay at Home Mom Entrepreneur: *the* proven framework for creating a highly profitable business that you love while working 2 hours a day.

She started her first multiple 6 figure business 20 years ago, and hasn’t slowed down since — not even after having kids. A fun fact: That business’s profits meant that she had way more money than her husband when they first got married, and was able to pay the entire $450,000 down payment on their home. Not that he minded!

She fully planned on being a pampered Stay at Home Mom, but once her son began preschool, and she actually had ME time again for the first time in years, she became restless. So she came out of “retirement” and started coaching her friends just to give her a little extra buzz.

Since then, she’s helped numerous Stay at Home Moms find fulfilment and independent income outside of motherhood all while staying Mom first.

AND that’s how she developed THE ONLY BUSINESS FRAMEWORK specifically designed for a BUSY MOM.

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