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Ep. 10 | How to listen to the Universe as it guides you toward your purpose with Michaela Pay

In this episode of the Live with Audacity Podcast, Michaela and I discuss the "woo" of business. So many times, the "woo" gets a bad reputation because everyone knows you can't just think positively and have things come to you. You actually have to believe and listen to your intuition, or messages from the universe, as I like to call them. Michaela and I discuss a message she received from the universe that she felt she had to get out, and in turn, guided her as well. Tune in to hear all about it! Michaela Pay is a Women’s Life Empowerment, a #1 Bestselling Author and the founder of The Empowered Woman Academy. Michaela's mission is to help outstanding women find the missing links to love the lives they are creating! She helps them to gain the clarity they need to move forward, to be OUTRAGEOUSLY successful & abundant & show them the tools, action steps & strategies needed to harness their power!

Michaela believes EVERY woman deserves to be the mistress of her own destiny and that every woman has greatness within her. Michaela believes that by educating women NOW, by encouraging them and supporting them, we can impact their lives, their daughters lives and their daughter’s daughters lives! And most of all, She believes that EVERY woman CAN have the life of their dream - even those who don’t quite believe it themselves yet! Find Michaela: Find me: Take the Audacity Quotient quiz: Join the Facebook Community: Find me on Instagram:

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