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Ep. 56 | Using your feminine energy to manifest your wildest desires with Adora Evans

Hey friends! You're listening to episode number 56.

I am soooooo thrilled to bring this episode to you today. My amazing, incredible guest is Adora Evans, author of "Magestic Money: The 30-day Femme Manifesting Game".

WOW! We cover so much about manifesting money today. One of the things that stuck out for me was talking about our feminine confidence and how vital it is to our energy, our vibe, and every way we show up in the world! We also discuss the importance of embracing each moment and making it what we want it to be. This can be hard to remain in the present when working toward big goals, but what Adora taught me today... is that if we observe each moment, we can consciously focus on making it a piece of our lives as a whole and build the life we really WANT to live. Whatever that is. Whether it's ambitious or fun or stress-free or whatever. Understanding that each moment builds the life we have, it makes it easier to live in the present.

Today is jam packed with goodness! Let's dive in!

Author of the Book, Majestic Money The 30-Day Femme Manifesting Game. Adora has led hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world with her expert teaching on business, femme manifesting and spiritual living, all while adding more fun, so they may live their own sacred expression. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Adora went from boarded up home, with no electricity at 18 to working with celebrities on red carpets. She is regularly called upon for her expertise in manifesting, connecting, femme empowerment, and spirituality. Adora enjoys time with her three children, time at the gym, and room on a good dance floor.

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