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Ep. 55 | Gain Visibility and Grow Your Authority with Wendy Brick

Welcome back friends! You're listening to episode #55. Today's episode is FIRE!!

I talk to Wendy Brick of Brickleigh Virtual Solutions about how to transition from a career that you worked many years to obtain and turn that into a viable business.

Wendy is a previous nurse practitioner who changed her career path after having her daughter. Going back to work was such a struggle, and she realized she wanted the ability to have more time and flexibility for her baby and family. She started an online business helping entrepreneurs with their social media presence and brand exposure. Her business quickly evolved into helping entrepreneurs gain visibility, grow their authority and expand their brand's reach which increases their fans and paying clients.

Wendy and I discuss how important it is to live with audacity when growing your business because when you show up as your most authentic self, you can't help but bring the right people to you. One of the things we touched on was when we're starting out, brand new in business, we don't typically know what our niche or who our ideal client is. We discuss the strategy you can use when you're starting out in order to narrow this down and start making major headway in your business faster.

The key takeaways I hope you find are:

  1. Talk to people and connect! LOTS of people.

  2. Pitch yourself to potential clients AND different types of media - online and offline.

  3. Trial and error helps you gain the experience you need in the fastest way. Do not wait to take action. In the beginning, you must DO first! Then it becomes easier to niche.

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