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Ep. 53 | How to face your trials with faith and courage with Andre Sloan

Oh man! Today's episode was so fun for me!! I was honored to have Andre Sloan, man of God, singer, sing writer, artist, and more! We talk about how Andre, who was a top athlete in high school and received an academic scholarship, got into singing and songwriting. Andre Sloan is an inspirational artist from Houston, Texas. He seeks to help others through sharing his story of pain, life's tragedies, and amazing triumph. From HIV and homosexuality to overcoming hardship and turning experiences into activism. Andre believes that he is called to heal, set free, and deliver God's people through song and testimony. His prayer is that folks accept his music and art as radical praise and apply the messages given by God to their everyday life. He is the total package you guys! He is so incredible and fun and a true joy to talk to. I could really talk to him all day! One day, I hope to be able to wrap my arms around him and give him a massive hug. I hope that you fall in love with his sweet demeanor and his message as well. I just don't have enough praise for this magnificent human and his message that God loves you no matter what! Let's dive in!

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