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Ep. 52 | Comedic Pandemic Reprieve with Wendy Maybury

Hey friends! Welcome back! You're listening to episode number 52.

Today's episode is sooo life giving! I had the pleasure of laughing with comedian Wendy Maybury, single momma who lives down the street from her parents, and we talk all about how she had the audacity to get into comedy, how she lost 160 pounds, raising kids through a pandemic, and my favorite subject ever - living authentically into who you really are in order to serve your true purpose!

Wendy grew up all over the US as a military brat which means- she learned to make friends fast because, in two weeks, she was probably moving. This helped her develop the warm friendly style she's used to entertain audiences all over the country for the last seven years. She signed with Stand Up Records and her first album "She's Not from Around Here" was released on June 26, 2020. Go grab it right now on Itunes or Amazon! Wendy is also the producer of "Day Drinking with Mom," a show that offers comedy, sympathy, and some drinks to help Moms relax and enjoy the roller coaster of parenting.

Come Take this wild ride with Wendy and I while we explore all the intricacies of life together. Find Wendy:

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