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Ep. 51 | Using your cycle to manage your energy with Megan Spaulding

Welcome back! You're listening to episode 51.

Today's episode is a fun one because I get to talk to Megan Spaulding about her new period app, In Sync. Hello boy band fans! haha just kidding. This has nothing to do with JT, but everything to do with tracking your cycle to know how it effects your energy, your mood, your productivity and HOW to use that to help you plan out your month. If you are woman with a period and you're ALIVE, this episode is for YOU!

Let's dive in. Megan is the founder and CEO of In Sync, a period and mood tracking app designed to help couples connect. On top of a being a full-time entrepreneur, she is a wife to Caleb, and a mama to two littles ( Foster & Civil). It's this kind of balancing act that inspired her to get to know her own body, and sparked the idea for In Sync! It's her dream to bring a more holistic and human voice to the femtech space. Find Megan: Instagram: Personal Facebook: Beta Waitlist Link:

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