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Ep. 49 | How to easily manifest your dream life with this one trick

Hey friends! Welcome back! I am so excited to have you here. If you haven't already, take 5 seconds and go join the Live with Audacity facebook group. We've got a lot of fun things going on in there the rest of the year so jump in there and let's get to know each other. I show up in there pretty often and have developed personal relationships with so many members. I want to know you, too!! Come on!

Today, you're listening to episode number 49. WHEWWW Today's a big day. There are a few changes coming to the podcast that I want to let you know about!

As you all know, we've spent the last, like, 7 months in a pandemic. UGH it's been so hard. Some days have been awesome, some days have been down right awful and horrible and icky.

I was no stranger to the toll the pandemic has taken on my mental health. I did not come out un