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Ep. 48 | Healing your own heart to be more compassionate to your first-responder spouse with Irene E

Know someone in the first-responders line of work? Married to a first-responder?

Often times, we as civilians don't realize the emotional toll being a first responder takes on our friends in the line of duty. But y'all... depression, anxiety, ptsd, are all things that can be a problem for these amazing people who put themselves out there for our well-being!

Today I get to talk to Irene Elbie, Alaskan mom and wife who has changed her whole marriage (to a LEO by the way) by healing her own heart and learning to be more compassionate and loving. Now she is taking what she's learned to help other LEO and first-responder couples. She's the soul behind the Facebook group "The Strength Beside the Badge". She'll tell us about how this all came about for her and how it's changed her family. Irene Elbie is the creator of the FB groups: Strength Beside the Badge and Empower & Inspire with your Story. She is a married mother of 3 sons, ages 29, 23 & 3. Irene quit her paralegal career to stay home and raise her youngest son two years ago and her life drastically changed when she invested in herself to learn how to start her own coaching and consulting business. These are just some of what this 21st Century leader and girl on fire has under her belt: Full time SAHM/Mindset Coach/ Contract Trial Paralegal/Commercial Fisherwoman/ OutDoorsy RV Renter. Find Irene:

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