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Ep. 47 | Achieving enlightenment through healing from surprising life changes with Melissa Gopp

Today's episode is with Melissa Gopp, Writer, blogger, & master gardener. Seriously, go check out her insta.

Melissa shares with us a bit about her story of becoming a single mom and the healing she's done throughout the journey. She writes about her experience, finding healthy love, how to parent kids through a hard change, overcoming and healing from trauma and so much more! I was blessed to get to talk to her about how she's struggled with the notion that part of the story isn't hers to tell but still wanting to write about her life. If you've ever been through divorce or a surprising life change, this episode is for you! Melissa Gopp is a creative nonfiction writer and urban gardener living in Northeast Florida. Professionally, she worked nine years in communications for a DC-based maternal health nonprofit and three years as a registered dietitian. Her writing has appeared in Yoga Journal, The Writer, Jacksonville Mom,, and Community Health Forum magazine. Today, she is the owner of, where she is passionate about using her writing and experiences to help people navigate life’s challenges.

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