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Ep. 42 | How taking risks can lead to beautiful adventures with Laurie Pilia

Today I have my friend, Laurie Pilia, photographer and author of the incredible book, Kisses from Sardinia, here to tell us all about her love story and her inspiration for this first book! Ahh it's so good! I just got it and I already love it.

Laurie and I talk about here adventure across the world to find true love and also how in the heck she got it put down on paper! I truly believe that a book is a legacy so I was itching to pick her brain about how she went about the process.

Let's dive in!

Laurie Pilia is an author, photographer and dreamer. She lives in Central Florida, with her beautiful girls; and beloved Sardinian, Carlo. When she's not writing or taking photographs, you can find her traveling to faraway places or relaxing at the beach.

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