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Ep. 38 | Why it is so important to confront your biases and be the change we want with Kelly Sisson

Before we dive in, I wanted to take a moment and ask you... have you ever been in a place where you're not quite sure what your purpose is? Or maybe you feel like you might know, but you feel stuck. Stuck in your current job or business. Stuck doing this for right now until things get better. Or just stuck not know what the next step is.

Well, if this is you, listen up! I have a super powerful 2 hour Prosper with Purpose Intensive session that I am offering right now for just $125! Together, you and I will dive into who you are, what you want to be doing, and what's holding you back from getting exactly that. Together, we'll do a dream life visualization to discover what your customized dream life looks like and start working on getting you there. Some of the women I get to do this session with discover they already know exactly what they really want, they just need permission to do it! And then others aren't even sure what success looks like to them. They have completely forgotten how to dream!

I promise with this call, you're going to walk away with actionable steps to start working toward your dream life! And that's worth WAY more than $125!!

go to to find out more about this session!

Ok - on to today's episode: today I get to talk to Kelly Sisson, mental health therapist and social worker and she tells me about how her deep desire to change the world is what led her to social work. We also dive into the current issues surrounding our country a bit - afterall , we're just two white women doing the best we can - and dig into our biases, where they come from, and why it's important to have the courage to confront them in order to be the change we want to see in the world. Let's dive in.

Kelly Sisson is a wife, mother, mental health therapist, podcaster and hippie at heart who loves Earl Grey iced tea, deep conversations, and encouraging others. She has wanted to change the world from a very young age. After a recommendation from her older sister, Kelly decided to become a social worker and ultimately a mental health therapist. Kelly has been the owner of Sisson Counseling Services since 2015.

Kelly has a deep desire to spread the Kelly and the Encouragers mission throughout the world. She dreams big and takes massive action to reach her goals. And, she knows that you can too! All you need is a little encouragement to see yourself the way that the world is already seeing you.

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