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Ep 31 |How to land your dream job with Abby Nimoh

Today I have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Abby Nimoh of NimoHR about how in the world to apply for your dream job at your dream company! Because let's face it. Not all of us are cut out to work for ourselves. And not because we're not all hard workers with ambition. I think most people really are those people. But I fully completely believe that we are all made with unique gifts and talents and half the time, those skills are meant for supporting others. The world would never go around the way it is meant if EVERYONE was meant to be an entrepreneur, just like the world would never go around if everyone was meant to be an employee. So... first things first, figure out where you belong in the business world and then go full force.

So today's episode is dedicated to those loyal and committed employees looking for the best company and the best position for yourself... and Abby is the perfect person to have this conversation with because she has been in HR for 15 years, launched her company NimoHR last year and is simultaneously the manager for an AZ software company that's been recognized as one of the top firms to work for in the state. I'm sure Abby had SOMETHING to do with that! she has the inside scoop on what employers are looking for in candidates. Throughout her career she has read thousands of resumes, conducted thousands of interviews and unfortunately has sent thousands of “Dear John” letters. She knows the hiring process inside and out, but more importantly she know the hiring process from the employer’s perspective. She utilizes the insights and experience she gained from working on the other side of the desk to provide an advantage to every one of her clients. Find Abby: Find me: Take the Audacity Quotient quiz: Join the Facebook Community: Find me on Instagram:

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