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Ep.28|How four tubs can help you focus all attention on important things in life with Rodger Duong!

WOW How the heck are ya? It's been awhile since I've put a new episode out, but as you can imagine, things have been kind of wild here as it has been for everyone else. with the drama of Covid-19.

We started out on Spring Break and finished with an additional one month quarantine... so far.

So, how are you feeling during this whole ludicrous pandemic situation we're going through right now? I know it's scary and unprecedented and everyone is having a hard time. I hope this podcast episode hits you at the perfect time because, what my friend Roger is doing is so powerful.

On today's episode, I get to talk to Roger Duong, the genius behind the Buckets project. The Buckets Project is a podcast where Roger interviews people he admires and respects to find out how they would spend their perfect day and then has them separate their activities from their perfect day into 4 buckets. They discuss the why and how each activity is chosen and then he challenges them to spend their time every day filling those buckets, even if they can't live always their perfect day. Find Roger: Find me: Take the Audacity Quotient quiz: Join the Facebook Community: Find me on Instagram:

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