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Ep. 26 | How to use your story to attract your ideal client with Monica Miller

I am so very excited about today's episode. I have the lovely Monica Miller of Monica writes here today to discuss how we can use our story to impact others. Often times we think our story isn't that interesting or no one would care about it or we forget that it's actually pretty windy with lots of ups and downs that make it really interesting and so we don't use it. But, I want you to understand that your story WILL help someone else. You may not end up famous or on the cover of TIME magazine, but I guarantee, you sharing your story will help someone else. Maybe you'll help them realize they actually do have talent. Maybe you'll help them realize that their life is a series of circumstances that they put themselves in and therefore, they can get themselves OUT. Maybe you help them realize that they truly can do and be whatever they imagine for themselves.

Whatever your story is, share it with the world. We all have a story and they're all interesting! That's one major reason I do this podcast. I could literally pull the next person in off the street I see and get them to sit down and tell their story and it's going to blow you away. Why? Bc we all have crap we have to go through to push us to live up to our greatest potential. It's up to US how we use those lessons!!

Ok I'm off my soap box now. Let's dive in to today's episode and hear Monica's story and how she uses it to help others tell their stories!

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