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Ep. 25 | How to spread your brand's message with Amy Wilkes

It has been two weeks of the live with audacity challenge and we are having soooo much fun! If you missed it, I recorded myself taking a cold shower the other day and it's kind of hilarious. No no no you don't see the goods at all, but it was so fun to do something I wouldn't normally do.

There's still time to get on board with us and have some fun!! Next week, we are reaching out to an old friend and hiding money in an obscure spot for someone else to find. So join us for the remainder of the live with audacity challenge in the Live with Audacity podcast insiders group on Facebook.

Ok let's dive in to today's episode! I get to talk to Amy Wilkes from spread the message marketing, all about social media and she has some incredible tips for Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to help us figure out what the heck we're even doing!

Amy is a faithful child of God, wife, military spouse, mom, and the mind behind Spread the Message marketing. Amy created her business so she could be a stay at home mom but also be able to control her schedule. She is a social media marketing manager, blogger, and eBook creator. She loves teaching business owners about social media marketing and has done this through challenges and eBooks. If you're struggling at all with these platforms for your business, Amy has some great tips for you.


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