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Ep. 24 | How to protect your kids from internet predators with Titania Jordan

Ok parents. I need everyone to gather 'round and listen up. We have a crisis on our hands and it involves our precious children. Look, most of us grew up in the age where technology was just starting to become a "thing", right? We had aol names and there were chat rooms and our parents had NO idea how to protect us from this stuff. Guys, it's been over 20 years since then and there hasn't been a whole lot of technology to help parents protect their kids from the online world and more than that, from predators.

Remember that article that went VIRAL on Facebook a few months ago with the 37 yr old mom who posed as an 11yr old girl on FB and got floods of messages and videos and questions from adult men? Well, the company behind this ongoing task of catching the predators is Bark - an award-winning service founded in 2015 by a parent who was looking for a way to help keep his kids safe online while preserving their privacy. Bark covers 30+ of today’s most popular social media platforms, as well as texts, chat, email, YouTube, and files contained in Google Drive and OneDrive. Bark also monitors images, text within images, audio, and video.

I had the true honor to speak with Titania Jordan, their Chief Parenting Officer, to follow-up on the story and ask some more questions. After I read the article, I felt so entirely helpless and like my 11yr old is NEVER getting a phone. So... pull up a stump around the campfire friends... we've got a lot to dig into. And I say this often, but for real, this time, you want to take notes.

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