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Ep. 23 | Why getting dressed doesn't have to be daunting with Elizabeth Hambelton

Before we dive into the episode I wanted to take a quick minute and talk to you all about the FREE 30-day Challenge that is getting kicked off TODAY, February 3rd!!!!

If you're not in yet, no worries! You are hearing this just in time.

Over the next 30 days, we are going to have so much fun getting out of our comfort zone! Each day is going to have a very simple, fun task to get you to start having fun, being silly, bonding with others that are doing the same fun and silly activities and letting your beautiful, bold light SHINE in this world!!! I really hope you'll join me on this incredible adventure!

It is truly going to be the best month of your WHOLE LIFE!! We will share our experiences, what was freeing, what was easy breezy, what was a little out of your comfort zone... all the things! I promise you're going to have so much fun interacting with everyone and sharing in the silliness.

If you're hearing this after February 3rd, STILL OKAY! I want you to still sign up! I will send you an undated calendar so you can jump in, whatever day it is, and still experience all the fun!

To get your 30-Day Live with Audacity Challenge Calendar, go to Ok let's dive into today's super fun episode with my friend and cutie Elizabeth Hambleton. She is so stinking adorable and the girl has a major affinity for FUR!!!! Every woman needs a fun fur coat in their closet —— ahem —— honey, if you're listening, add that to my birthday list.

Today I get to talk to Elizabeth about how to jazz up your closet when you're just feeling uninspired by your wardrobe, why it should be fun to get dressed every day, and how a great look can increase your self-confidence. After styling thousands of women one-on-one for a national retailer, I created Closet Confidence to help modern moms find more joy and less stress when getting dressed. I want to help you rock your look so that you feel confident showing up as the awesome woman and mom that you are.

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