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Ep. 22 | Why it's important to get good sleep with Gillian Duncan

Have I got a surprise for you!!! am putting together a super cool, fun 30 day, Live with Audacity challenge.

During my recent launch of the Live with Audacity course, I was hit with the fact that most people have NO idea how to live with audacity if they've never really been very bold or are people pleasers by nature so... I put together this SUPER FUN challenge so that together, we can all start to enjoy having fun and start taking steps to live our most authentic lives. The best thing ever about this challenge is that it's easy. It's 30 days of dipping your toe into living with audacity and really starting to embrace who you truly are! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! Oh it's gonna be so so fun.

The fun starts next Monday, February 3rd. It's all FREE FREE FREE!!! And I'm going to send out a 30-day challenge calendar. Each day is going to have a very simple, fun task to get you to have some fun in your life. So, please please please join me! It is truly going to be the best month of your WHOLE LIFE!! We will all share together our experiences, what was freeing, what was easy breezy, what was a little out of your comfort zone... all the things! I promise you're going to have so much fun interacting with everyone and sharing in the silliness.

To join the fun, go to

Today I have a super cool lady on, Gillian Duncan, of Clarity Junction. Gillian is a Positive Life and Wellbeing Coach and also author of 'Sleep - Cure Your Insomnia, Improve Your Health and Feel Better Now'. Today we're talking all about Sleep and Gillian gives us a boat load of tips and tricks to help us figure out this whole sleep thing and why it's so important to every part of our lives.

This is good stuff!! Keep your ears peeled for one special fruit that can help you in your quest for sleep. Gillian is the author and editor at Clarity Junction, a website that focuses on finding a clearer path forward for women when they come to a natural crossroad in life.

She has a degree in Biomedical Sciences, with a career background in Neuroscience and Psychology. She is also a qualified NLP Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher and she likes to bring all this knowledge, along with a wealth of personal life-experience, to her writing.

When she is not writing or coaching, she can be found playing her violin or sitting at the piano, studying for her next music exam along with her 2 teenage sons. She also love dogs, guinea pigs, Dr Who and the Avengers movies.

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