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Ep. 20 | How to love yourself as much as you love your kids with Justine Beauregard

In today's episode, I sit down with Justine Beauregard, marketing genius behind Growth Mindset Marketers, which is a monthly membership to her marketing coaching services. We discuss the marketing of your business, but more than that, we talk about the importance of having a growth mindset and that a lot of times, that's really what holds us back from our business becoming a success. We also discuss the importance of authenticity and how loving yourself the way you love your kids can help you show up more genuinely. There is so much jam-packed into this episode so hold on tight because you're about to get your world ROCKED! Justine began her career as a small business marketer in 2008. Through intentional, value-added relationship building, she has scaled her own business up to 1800% YoY and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide serve more people and achieve their marketing goals. Her work and expert opinions have been featured in major publications such as,, and She also leads a marketing community called Growth Mindset Marketers where she helps entrepreneurs grow using the same easy, fun, and effective marketing strategies she has used to grow her own business. Learn more about Justine:

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