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Ep. 19 | Why a strong relationship is so vital to your personal development with Rachel Ballard

Ok now moving on. I've got one of the most fun interviews for you today. Mrs. Rachel Ballard is a marriage strategist and is going to help us all learn how to stop waiting on our spouses to change our marriage and put the power back in our own hands. Let me be clear, this episode is for men and women alike so feel free to share it with your boo!

We talk about how to improve your marriage by communicating, why weekly date night is so vital to sustainability of your marriage, and a big one - how to work together. Rachel talks to me about how she balances homeschooling and business building and works it all out with her man! I promise there is so much good stuff in here. You're going to want to take notes, friends. Rachel Ballard is a real-world, tell-it-like-it-is, marriage strategist and creator of the How To Like Your Husband Podcast. If you’re ready to learn how to uplevel your marriage without spending thousands on therapy and drowning your relationship sorrows in ice cream and nachos, stop in and download her FREE guide to The Five Questions You Should be Asking in Your Marriage.

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