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Ep. 16 | How to make big life decisions by listening to your intuition with Jillian Bright

Well, we are doing it! We are talking about unplanned pregnancy and your intuition and how they all play together. Jillian and I share this beautiful space in time where we really connect about unplanned pregnancy. You get to hear a little about each of our stories and Jillian tells us all about raising her little man in North Argentina. She became a children’s author and now writes about transformative travel, with a baby! Now she is living in Rome, Italy with her son and parenting partner and she is diving deep into her writing career. She is so fascinating and we talk about so many things from traveling to writing to coaching to babies! I absolutely loved connecting with Jillian. We had the best time ever! I hope you fall in love with her like I did.

Jillian is a freelance writer, children’s book