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Ep. 14 | How to live the four hour work week life with Michelle Andersen

You know how most people start businesses and then hustle, hustle, hustle all day every day because they are just conditioned to believe that having your own business requires that? Well, my guest today is Michelle Andersen, owner of Flourish – landscape design firm, and a business coach, and we do NOT believe that. We agree that we are too pretty to be that stressed out and require ease in our businesses. Haha.

She sits down today with me to talk about how she successfully handed over the daily management of her business, how she avoids the hustle expectations of a business owner, and so much more. Join me for this candid conversation on ease and alignment and why it’s so important in our businesses.

Artist, Designer, Coach, Author & Entrepreneur, Andersen connects clients to the most bold, brave, and confident versions of themselves through her ventures. Based on her own discovery and study on how to create the most authentic lifestyle, Andersen offers guidance and ease to those looking to achieve a more aligned version of who they are. Her brands include a design/build landscaping company that connects people to who they are & where they are, a mindset coaching practice that helps people shift from being reactors in life to being creators, and a deer proofing expertise method that enables gardeners to have flourishing gardens amidst challenging deer browse.

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