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Ep. 13 | How to trust God to lead you down the path He intends for you with Chandler Hatchett

This episode is something I looked forward to recording for weeks!! Chandler Hatchett is a God-loving woman who turned a successful blog around wellness into an online media publication called, “The H is for…” We talk a lot about God and running from Him and His calling, learning to have faith that He has it all under control, and some cool things that have happened since doing so.

Now, I have to warn you. We recorded this on a day when we had massive storms moving through TX and we kept losing connection so the recording is a little choppy. I truly believe our conversation will move mountains in someone’s life and the devil himself was just trying to keep us from getting it out there. But we persevered and we got it done.

If you are spiritual at all, please liste