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Ep. 13 | How to trust God to lead you down the path He intends for you with Chandler Hatchett

This episode is something I looked forward to recording for weeks!! Chandler Hatchett is a God-loving woman who turned a successful blog around wellness into an online media publication called, “The H is for…” We talk a lot about God and running from Him and His calling, learning to have faith that He has it all under control, and some cool things that have happened since doing so.

Now, I have to warn you. We recorded this on a day when we had massive storms moving through TX and we kept losing connection so the recording is a little choppy. I truly believe our conversation will move mountains in someone’s life and the devil himself was just trying to keep us from getting it out there. But we persevered and we got it done.

If you are spiritual at all, please listen to this episode and muddle through it because I promise you are going to get a whole lot of goodness shot straight to your heart.

Born and raised the oldest of five in Austin, Chandler has always had a vibrant personality and zest for life. She now lives in Dallas with her husband, their two children and two, large, rescue dogs. Outside of her family duties, Chandler is an author, speaker, and the founder and editor in chief of The H is For…. Chandler believes that faith and wellness go hand in hand and is passionate about the modern woman and equipping her to be the best version of herself. She’s the author of A Proverb a Day: a month long quest for Godly-wisdom and Christian Character and is often posting funny moments as a mother of two on Instagram.

At 21, Chandler was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and an autoimmune disease linked to her thyroid. This changed the way she looked at living and transformed her focus towards an all-natural lifestyle. While not everything she does is “all natural”, she strives to make it a priority and is learning as she goes.

As a child at Kanakuk, a Christian summer camp, Chandler was introduced to the ‘Four Square Life’ concept based on the truth found in Luke 2:52. As she embarked on her own wellness journey as a young adult, she realized that life is best made when you approach growth the way Jesus did, growing “in wisdom, in stature, in favor with God and in favor with man.” She believes that living well is only achieved when you strive to grow spiritually as well, with spirituality based on Biblical truth. Her dream is that every woman who visits The H is For… will click away inspired, encouraged, and equipped to make the most out of the life they’ve been given.

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