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Ep. 11 | How to face adversity head on and use it to propel you to success with Alessandra Desiderio

Often, when we are faced with so much adversity in our lives, we can turn inward and face life as a victim of our circumstances. Learning to use those events to become who you are meant to be and show others they can also heal from their past to be the best version of themselves is a much more productive way to use our pain. And that’s exactly what I talk about with today’s guest. I was so blessed to speak with Alessandra (Aley) Desiderio about some incredible obstacles through her life and use them to bless others.

Aley is a serial entrepreneur and mom who has fought to overcome homelessness, cancer, the loss of her daughter, domestic violence, and divorce. She has dedicated her life to making an impact in the areas of family issues and security, justice, equality, education, and creating economic opportunity.

Alessandra is the head strategist for Fiore3 Consulting and leads a team of consultants in the areas of human resources, sales & marketing, and operations. She has personally worked with a variety of nonprofits and businesses to streamline their development practices and create or review the processes that make their business work. In service of the communities her team works in, Fiore3 contributes to various startup, impact, and community projects that serve families, businesses, and the environment.

As a result of her own insufficient and expensive childcare issues raising children as a single parent, Alessandra created Crew Childcare Rewards App, a technology solution to the high cost of childcare. The app pays parent users to share information about the care options in their area; draws a map of care check-ins for parents; and offers providers a marketplace where they can buy field trip vouchers, classroom supplies, and services for their center. Find Aley: Reach out to Aley directly at:

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