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Ep. 09 | How being true to yourself leads to success and growth with Eleisha Clayton

I was so excited to talk to Eleisha Clayton of Pink Girl Media about being your true self. So many times, especially as new entrepreneurs, we try to imitate people who already have it all figured out, but the truly successful don’t imitate ANYONE. They work every day to be true to who they are in order to build a life they love. That’s exactly what Eleisha and I talk about. We also have a super honest conversation about anxiety and depression and how hard it is to be a mom. This conversation was so fun, even though we talk about a lot of deep subjects. If you’ve ever wanted to be in on a girly conversation, this one is the best!

Eleisha Clayton is a mom, podcast host, and social media manager. Instagram is her jam and she’s also a Facebook fan! She takes social media off of the plate of lady entrepreneurs, so they can have time do the the things they love to do in their business. Eleisha is a connector by nature and loves to be creative. She also has a Master’s degree in technology and experience in editing. She is a former special education teacher and loves all things girl power! Join us over in the Facebook group, Live with Audacity Podcast Insiders at We’re reading the book, Rising Strong by Brene Brown. Find Eleisha: Website: Podcast: Insta: Find me: Take the Audacity Quotient quiz: Join the Facebook Community: Find me on Instagram:

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