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Ep. 07 | How to get out of the box and into your purpose with AmyLee Westervelt

My guest this week, AmyLee Westervelt, took a huge leap of faith when she decided to leave her 7 figure network marketing business to do something she felt was her true purpose. And she hasn't regretted it once. She walks us through her journey and what you can do to take the leap of faith, too. If you've ever felt stuck, this episode is for you. Let's get you out of your box and into your purpose! Amy Lee is a mother, wife, and a successful network marketing entrepreneur. She retired her husband in less than two years and has helped countless people cut back on or quit their jobs and completely change their lives.

After achieving 7 figures in direct sales, Amy Lee has gone on to create her own Mindset/Abundance coaching business where she regularly teaches direct sellers and entrepreneurs how to achieve happiness, health and wealth. She teaches the Law of Attraction among other abundance creating techniques. Find AmyLee on social: Find me: Take the Audacity Quotient quiz: Join the Facebook Community: Find me on Instagram:

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