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Ep. 00 | Live with Audacity Introduction

Welcome to the Live with Audacity podcast with Melissa Stuart. Audacity is defined by Merriam-Webster as intrepid boldness or disregard for normal constraints. The Live with Audacity podcast is aimed at giving you the courage to explore your "someday" daydreams, do things YOUR way, and start making things happen in your life right now! Multi-passionate entrepreneur and Insurance Agency Business Manager, Melissa Stuart, gives you tangible advice to streamline your life and business, and interviews up and coming business owners who will teach you how to be intentional with your life, extract your unique boldness, use your time and energy efficiently, and step into who you long to be in order to build the business you're dreaming of to create the life you desire. Find me: Take the Audacity Quotient quiz: Join the Facebook Community: Find me on Instagram:

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