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BONUS | Ep. 58.5 | Five Steps to Find the FREEDOM You Seek in Life and Biz

Welcome back to today's BONUS episode! Today we're talking about how AUDACITY equals FREEDOM!

I want to remind you that I have a special rate on my 6 week coaching package through the end of the year. We will dissect where you're struggling - whether it's clarity, confidence, audacity, alignment with your business, boundaries, whatever it may be, and then developing a plan and implementing it. This 6 weeks will be the foundation you need to really start tapping into who YOU really are and changing your life to fit who that is in every way, rather than fitting into the world in the way you think they want you to show up.

So, jump on board with me, this deal is only good through the end of the year. I REALLY want to see you make the progress you're desiring and feel confident and in charge of your life for the start of 2021! This year has been so draining and confusing and stressful and I know you need someone to just come along side you and nudge you in the direction of your dreams. You can find the answers anywhere to any life or business question, but what you need is someone who will listen to your specific struggles and sort them out and prioritize them with you. So, if you're ready to live with audacity and be who you are truly called to be, then get in on this right now by going to and click coaching. In today's episode, I'm covering how to use Audacity to achieve the FREEDOM you're seeking: 1. Be authentically you. 2. Disregard other people's opinions. 3. Set proper boundaries around your life and biz. 4. Leave room for things that light you up. Say no to things that don't so you have that room. 5. Go for your dreams and live a life YOU love.

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