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BONUS | Ep. 57.5 | Three reasons giving is so vital to your joy this Giving Tuesday

My word for 2021 is give. I want to make sure I keep my mission front and center - to give to others and give it my all.

Giving is super important and there are tons of good reasons you should give.

  1. You're blessed. Show gratitude for those blessings.

  2. Making others happy makes you happy.

  3. We're teaching our kids to be giving, compassionate, loving, selfless

  4. It inspires others to give too.

You can give: 1. Time 2. Money 3. Material items 4. Love

Giving Tuesday - charities that would be happy to receive your gifts: Candlelighters Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance provides emotional, educational and practical support to families of children with cancer. Elijah Rising is ending sex trafficking through prayer, awareness, intervention, and restoration. The mission of Jonathan’s Place is to provide a safe place, loving homes, and promising futures for abused and neglected children, teens, and young adults. Heaven Instead's mission is to financially assist bereaved parents with end of life expenses as they mourn the loss of their child due to stillbirth or premature death within the hospital stay.

Note: You should do your research and give to charities and causes that resonate with you! Everyone has something they want to support. Find me: Work with me: Join the Facebook Community: Find me on Instagram: Subscribe:

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