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Ep. 66 | How to Use the Enneagram to More Effectively Communicate with Your Kids & Spouse with Becky

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

This episode is everything you need to know about the enneagram. HAHAHAHA

Jk. That's impossible.

But today is a super fun episode because I get to talk to my friend Becky Williams about the enneagram, how she got into, and what she's discovered through her research.

Newsflash - it's not just taking a test - it's really learning the numbers by their core desires, motivations, values, fears, and everything in between. We even talk about how we've been mistyped in the past... shoot... i honestly don't even know if mine is right right now!

So, come on, let's dive into this super fun subject!

Becky is a relationship coach who helps Christian women strengthen their emotional muscles, develop mutually respectful and intimate marriages, and create family routines that foster peace and ease. She is obsessed with the idea that when we truly understand how God created us to be from the inside out that all other areas fall into place, which impacts how we communicate with our family and the level of connection with our spouse. She loves to join in discussions about Christian values, Enneagram coaching, communication building, self discovery, parenting strategies, and soooo much more. She lives in Louisiana with her husband, Ken, 3 kids, dog and stray cat that adopted her.

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