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Ep. 65 | How Mindset Has Helped Fight Cancer with Marge Budensiek

Oohh today's episode is so powerful!! I get to talk to Marge Budensiek, life coach for women facing a cancer diagnosis. If you don't know anyone who has faced this, you may not know how you'd ever deal with this if it should ever come up for you. But what Marge and I discuss is how to move through it with optimism and strength.

After being diagnosed with cancer in February 2020, Marge realized that cancer was something that happened, and she could decide what she wanted to think about it. “Making the decision on what I wanted to think made the whole journey empowering for me.” After being certified as a life coach Marge now wants to help other women diagnosed with cancer thrive through their journey.

It will no doubt be a strenuous road, but listening to Marge, you will walk away knowing there is really something to this mindset stuff. Your mind is a beautiful tool and you CAN and must use it to your advantage. But we have to learn to slow down and process our thoughts and emotions with grace.

Listen in as Marge and I dive into this tough subject!

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