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Ep. 61 | How To Find and Trust Your Intuition for Success with Gina Defa

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Today's episode is with the amazing Gina Defa, author of the new book, the Parakeet Drawing. Gina tells us the story of how she struggled as a young child in a horrendous situation, but then was saved by the kind soul of a stranger. She tells us how God had to intervene in her life to get her a message to write this book and get it out into the world and how learning to hear her intuition AND listen to it has been the guiding light in her life. After one term in the Air Force and a brief stint as a stay at home mom, Gina Defa has built a successful leadership career in the insurance and financial services industry. She also serves in the non-profit arena, speaking on leadership skills and principles for various organizations. Her proudest success, however, is being the mother to her three adult daughters.

Coming from a home filled with alcoholism and abuse, Gina knows the grit & grace it takes to not just survive, but to move into a life filled with peace. She trusts that her immediate instinct to follow her intuition (which she calls her light) has been the catalyst to every success she has been blessed to experience. Her greatest passion is to help others find, and trust, the light inside of them—no matter their past. Find Gina: Find Gina:

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