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Ep. 60 | How to deal with the icky emotions that come along with self-awareness with Nicole Terrell

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Hey friends! Welcome back to the show! You're listening to episode #60.

Today's episode is with my personal friend that I met, right here on the internet. Nicole Terrell is a mindfulness coach for passionate mamas and today we're talking about how to use self-awareness to manage our mindset, dealing with icky emotions, and processing them in healthy ways. This podcast episode is EPIC and you're going to be BLOWN away!

But before we dive in... I've got a question for you... do you struggle with knowing your purpose?? Do you struggle with remembering who you even were before you had kids? You know you like this and you feel happy when this is happening, but do you know HOW that all fits together? If you're confused or frustrated in any way when it comes to discovering your purpose, I've got the solution for YOU!!

Let's jump on a 1-hour clarity call and finally get you headed in the direction of your dreams, boo!!! You're TIRED of wondering where to head. You're TIRED of the grind of your job coming between you and your family. COme on! How long are you going to wait to make your dreams a reality?? SISTER! Time is MARCHING ON!!! And your dreams are waiting for you to live them. God is waiting for you to STEP INTO your purpose that he put on your heart!

Let me help you get the clarity you need to start helping the people who are looking for you... here. right now!! Go to and click coaching to book your call. Let's freaking do this already!

Okay... are you ready to hear from my GOOD friend Nicole Terrell all about mindfulness? Get out your pen and paper because this one is JUICY! Find Nicole:

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