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Ep. 58 | How to Overcome Procrastination with Coach Sali D.

Hey friends!! You're listening to episode number 58.

Before we get into today's podcast, which, by the way you're going to love because this is the perfect time for this subject - procrastination and habits. Holla! But before we do that, I wanted to let you know I have openings right now for my 1-hour clarity and strategy calls.

This one hour call is for you if you're feeling stuck, discombobulated, or distracted. Let's audit your life and business and see where you're struggling. Imagine, your life, your world, is like a snowglobe. You're inside the snowglobe so it's hard to see things clearly, especially when it's all shaken up. But the way I help is from the outside. I can see things that you might not see, simply because I'm not in it. I have a bird's eye view and can see the roadblocks that are stopping you from going further and redirect you to what you really want. The things I cover most with my clients: clarity, confidence, goal planning, alignment, procrastination, and how to beat your overwhelm. This one hour call will bring you awareness, the clarity you need, and you'll walk away with an exact blueprint on how to move forward. Visit me at and click on coaching to book your call! The price for this goes up on January 1st so you want to make sure you get in on this if you have any pull at all to finally get the direction you need. Seriously, let's go into 2021 with a game plan. I know, your brain feels like a jumble rihgt now, but let's chat about it, let's get some things sorted out and nailed down so you can finally focus and start making the progress you're struggling to see.

Okay on to today's episode.

Do you ever struggle with willpower or procrastination? Yeahhhhh me, too. How about morning routines? Yep... same here.

But today's episode with Coach Sali Di is going to help us out with that. Habit formation is how we can change our lives! Seriously. Sometimes it just takes a small change to produce a major shift in our lives and she's going to tell us how to build habits that we stick to.

Find Sali:

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