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Ep. 35 | How diversity can help you find and connect with your tribe with Jen Meyer

Today's episode features one of my favorite online friends, Jennifer Meyer, leader of the super popular facebook group, Tales of the Tribe!

I invited Jen on because we relate so much to each other in our personal growth journeys and we wanted to take today to remind you that we are all struggling through this pandemic, but that there is strength in community.

Some of the greatest people in my life are the ones I've found online! The thing is, you're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with! So, are those people going to be negative nancies or karens? Or are they going to be people working toward similar goals with you and can come alongside you and help you when you need a push and look to you when they need a push?

Take this next episode and dig into the people you surround yourself with and if you need a place to feel connection, we're your people!

Let's dive in. Find Tales of the Tribe FB group:

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