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Ep. 33 | How passion and creativity are the key ingredients to a thriving business with Chelsea Lira

Y'all, If you ever get to meet today's guest, get her to sign an autograph or something because, I tell you what - this woman is going places. Her vibe and her energy is truly contagious!!!

Chelsea Sargent-Lira is the brain behind Houston Grazing Tables an epic spin on Charcuterie boards and boxes. She was born in California, but due to her dads job, she has lived many places from Scotland to Dubai and traveling is the reason she fell in love with food. Chelsea has a creative spirit and brings beauty into her food and displays. Creating her own business has always been her goal and now she has combined her passion for art and food together in her beautiful Grazing Table Displays.

Let's dive in to hear the story of how this all came about and has provided not only a career she loves, but also a husband!

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