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Ep. 32 | How to become aware of the ways you work best and how it can help you work less with Theres

It's amazing to me that nearly every single week I get to talk to someone that I really, deeply connect with. Today's episode is no different as I get to talk to Productivity Specialist and Business Coach, Theresa Cifali!

Theresa Cifali is recovering workaholic who has built 4 successful businesses over the course of her 32-year entrepreneurial journey. What's wild is, she didn’t learn that success comes more from doing the right thing at the right time than from doing everything right... until she was on her 3rd business and found herself working 16-hour days. Her own frenzied path led her to discover which actions were essential to the growth of her business. The rest she let go or outsourced. Now, she has the freedom and flexibility that makes her happy.

As you will hear in our discussion, there's lots of different ways you can make your time work for you, but you must become hyper aware of how you work best, when you work best, and how to focus on the things that move the needle the most

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