Hi! I'm Melissa Stuart, Audacity Coach for female entrepreneurs ready to leave the shiny object and imposter syndromes behind so you can have fun. be free. and do it your way!



Entrepreneurs everywhere will tell you there are a few must-have things you need to be a successful business owner:

  • the solution to a problem

  • know who you want to work with (ideal client)

  • how you want to bring them into your vicinity

  • marketing plan

  • and more!

You might also benefit from characteristics such as tenacity, courage, grit, and confidence.

But we’re still missing one important key piece. Are you ready to know what it is? 

It’s AUTHENTICITY! [air snapppppps]


Yes, girl. Authenticity. 


And you're thinking, okay, but I am pretty authentic already. How does this apply?


Your authenticity allows you to build your life and business in your own way without

  • people pleasing

  • shiny object syndrome

  • imposter syndrome

  • stress, frustration, confusion, distractions

When we show up as our whole, true selves, we make decisions from that place - what feels right for us, rather than what other people think we should do. Flow and ease in your business is impossible without your authenticity. True story. 

Your business will only grow & flow with ease if you are committed to showing up as your unique self!

The real you, your desires, skills, talents, and characteristics will dictate the decisions you make in your business, where you’re headed, and what your goals are. 

Listen, you’re here to make an impact in the lives of those you serve yourself, your family, and the world. But you didn’t get into this to be miserable trying to be something you're not, either. 

So, are you ready to dive in and get to work on aligning your life & biz with your authenticity? Let’s go, boo!

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Authentic Testimonials



The best part of the session was being able to talk out the clutter in my brain with someone who shares my enthusiasm. My biggest takeaway was that my idea is valid and purposeful, but action still has to be taken to find a clear path forward. Heck yea, I'd recommend the call! Sometimes we just need to have someone else to bounce ideas off of to find our clarity.



Working with Melissa has been an amazing experience. My marriage has new life to it. I had such an eye opening experience. She isn't afraid to call you out on your bs either.  It was such a relief to find a coach who didn't right away tell me to file for divorce. A 20+ year marriage is hard work no matter who you are. While working with Melissa I have gained so much insight as well as found a bit of my audacity which I kind of misplaced over the years. I can't recommend her enough.



I have been able to better balance my work and life and also notice how struggles in one area affect the other. I've done better at celebrating small wins, recognizing trouble spots, and taking small actionable steps. And you're very good at what you do — helping mesh all aspects of our complicated modern lives in order to achieve goals! Working with you has helped me work through some of my roadblocks that have hampered my progress for months, if not years. I'm able to make forward progress after being stalled for so long.

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Melissa Stuart is an Audacity Coach who helps struggling female entrepreneurs rediscover themselves to build their authentic business without confusion and distractions.

Before starting her career as a life and business coach, Melissa spent 20 years trying to figure out what she wanted to be when she grew up. After becoming a divorced mom of two boys by 22, she was able to gain an abundance of life and business experience through her struggles to make ends meet and the many careers she tried on for size. 


Those many careers included administrative work, personal insurance, owning a cookie trailer, reselling event tickets, teaching dance, and network marketing to name a few.


That experience led to the rediscovery of her authentic self so she could begin proactively building the life she desired and step into her God-given purpose. It was during this process that she began to put all the pieces of herself together to become the inspiring, no-nonsense business woman she is today.

Melissa now resides with her second husband and their two youngest children on their ranch in Texas where they enjoy road trips and camping to explore their beloved state.


Additionally, they spend a lot of time with their two adult sons and extended family.